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About me and what I do

Being an artist is not easy. You constantly put yourself out there, and are faced with competition. If you are approaching galleries, you probably are fed up of getting rejected all the time. But, I’ve seen artists go from frustrated,lacking confidence and almost giving up on their dream of ever becoming a successful artist, to being completely empowered and motivated… just from making a mind-shift and following a strategic action.
And thats where I come in; I’m here to help you make that shift.

I’m Jasmin Kossen, and I help ambitious, savvy artists like you elevate your career-goals.

With some very simple strategies and a few key pointers, you can start getting the results you envision – whether its finding a gallery as a business partner, expanding your current business and reaching more buyers – my job is to help you create your individual road-map that gets the results you want.

I love what I do, which is to identify talent and provide mentoring and coaching to create the confidence and motivation that an artist IS talented and there are art collectors out there, who will see and appreciate their art. And to provide a road-map to reach that goal. My mission is to help you OWN your career goal by having a clear, focused action plan. Remember, you need to put your “business owner” hat on, and I know the struggle of building a successful business intimately… I have built my successful businesses alone from the ground up!

So how an I help?

A few ways. I have a range of tools at your disposal to get you started. For those who prefer I offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, and also studio visits where possible. I have also created an on-demand course “The LAUNCH method” that allows artists anywhere to work at their own pace while guiding them to create a strategic business, marketing and communication plan, to get them from A to B.

I believe in the “lets help each-other” community mind-set. I arrange monthly online webinars where artist who have enrolled in the course, can attend to gain inspiration, motivation and answers from fellow artists who are on a similar journey. I also invite guest artists to these webinars, to explain how they “made-it” – by following their own individual course-of-action.

About me

Born in Hong Kong to German and Iranian parents, I have always been confronted by art. I am truly blessed that I grew up in a global community, and am sensitised to art from all regions – whether its the European style, Asian contemporary, abstract…. The list goes on and on!

I’m an entrepreneur, a mentor and coach, art dealer and passionate art collector. I had a gallery for over ten years located in Basel Switzerland, then New York USA and finally a third space in Venice, Italy. We did regular exhibitions in our gallery spaces and my gallery exhibited on average six international art fairs a year. So I know from personal experience how a gallery thinks, and what they are looking for when scouting for new talent for their program.

I never studied art. My background and education is in international business, global marketing and PR. Having worked and owned my own PR communication agency for 20 years, I know how to use Sales and Marketing to bring any product to market – because as an dealer, you also need to think like a business owner. It was very clear to me from the get-go, that without this business skill-set and experience, I would never had have made it in the global art-world as a gallerist.

I have established my first business in my early twenties, which I sold when I turned 30 and moved to Switzerland – where I live now. Prior to opening my gallery, I lived in Singapore, Malaysia, and Sydney Australia. I ran my own PR and communication agency and also worked with an international agency. My clients where corporations and personal brands, where I helped them bring their messages online through strategic marketing including education, social media and video marketing.

However, Basel is the home of the “ART BASEL” the olympics of the art fairs, where only top galleries are allowed to exhibit. This inspired my early on to be part of that world – and I became an art dealer and established my first gallery space in Basel. That was scary, since I didnt know what art to show, or who my clients where! It was a journey for me to understand that I needed to create a clear gallery-identity. And to use my skills in strategic luxury marketing to “make it” in this industry.

Today, after COVID-19 that has shaken up many business, I have returned to my roots and am a passionate collector, art dealer and offer individual coaching to fledgling and established artists.

I hope this short introduction has given you an idea of who I am, and how I “tick” so to speak! It would be a pleasure to work with you, so please feel free to explore the tools available to you and also my YouTube channel for some free motivational ideas to get your career to the next level! And if you are serious in taking your career to the next level, then email me and lets have a chat!